Primescan in San Francisco

Skilled professionals combined with the latest technologies make for the best dental care with Primescan, the next level of CEREC in San Francisco.

At Pacific Heights Dental Studio, we are dedicated to making sure we have the best for our patients. So when we discovered Primescan for CEREC, and that its results were miles above what was earlier being made for tooth replacement. Primescan is the next upgrade from CEREC. Fast, easy to use, and accurate, Primescan is the dental scanner for the most accurate impressions. With detailed diagnostics, you get fantastic results.

What is Primescan in San Francisco?

Primescan is the latest hi-tech intraoral scanner available. It provides outstanding accuracy and speed using a compact camera wand to capture a 3D impression of your mouth.
It processes more than 1,000,000 3D points per second, allowing our dentists to get unprecedented detail faster than ever before. The 3D model can be instantly sent to our labs and associates for expedited service.

What can my dentist do with Primescan in San Francisco?

Using the highly detailed images collected, Primescan technology creates a 3D mold of your mouth that’s truly unprecedented.
No more unpleasant putty-filled trays that make you gag. With our dentist in San Francisco, Primescan impressions can be sent instantly to the best labs available to create the highest quality custom crowns, inlays, onlays, or whatever dental pieces you may need. Superior to previous CEREC technology and scanners, Primescan gives our dentists the freedom to make the best possible choices for your care.

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