Dental Restorations in San Francisco

Restore your smile with dental restoration in San Francisco at Pacific Heights Dental Studio.

Having damaged teeth not only hurts confidence, it can have an impact on our overall health. Whether you have cavities or physical damage, with dental restoration in San Francisco, we offer a variety of advanced technologies to restore your smile. Dental restoration places an emphasis on restoring functionality and health, while maintaining an aesthetic quality.

What are the different types of dental restoration in San Francisco?

Indirect Dental Restoration

Indirect dental restoration is used when the damage is more extensive, and the appliances needed are made outside of the mouth instead of directly in it. This can include such things as dental implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, and other technologies. Indirect dental restoration often takes more than one appointment.

Direct Dental Restoration

Direct dental restoration refers to dental restoration that is done inside the mouth.
One type of direct dental restoration is the use of fillings. In the case of cavities that aren’t too deep, your dentist will remove the decayed tooth and a filling material is placed directly into the tooth, molded, and then hardened to restore your tooth to proper functionality.
Another type of direct dental restoration is dental bonding. Dental bonding is done to smooth cracks, reshape teeth, and fill gaps. Matched and molded to your teeth, dental bonding is cured with a lamp, and results in restored function and aesthetic quality.

What kind of dental restoration is right for me?

Whether you need direct or indirect dental restoration in San Francisco
Our dentists will meet with you, examine your mouth, and come up with the best possible plan to repair and restore your bite. You’ll be fully informed of your options, so you feel confident in your restoration plan. Contact Pacific Heights Dental Studio today to schedule a consultation.

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