Orthodontics in San Francisco

Get the perfect smile with orthodontics in San Francisco at Pacific Heights Dental Studio.

Not only can a crooked bite trigger embarrassment, it can lead to pain and further dental problems. At Pacific Heights Dental Studio, we specialize in orthodontics. Whether you want Invisalign or traditional braces, our professionals are here to ensure you achieve your ideal smile.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the specialty field of dentistry that deals with the correction and alignment of teeth, and even facial structure growth.
Various factors in life such as injury, childhood habits, and genetics can result in misaligned and even occluded teeth. In some cases, these can impact speech, longevity of teeth, and even jaw health if left alone.
Orthodontists use a variety of techniques to move these teeth into a comfortable, beautiful smile. Your orthodontist will use diagnostic technologies such as x-rays to get a clear view of your current structure.
Combining this information with what your ideal smile would look like, your dentist will create a tailored program to transform your smile into the smile you want. Appliances such as Invisalign or traditional braces take time and consistency, but when you see the results, it will be worth it.
Your orthodontist in San Francisco will supervise and walk you through each step of your transformation for the best results possible.

Are you considering getting braces?

Whether you’re young or old, there are many options utilized at Pacific Heights Dental Studio to create the beautiful smile you’ve wanted with our orthodontics in San Francisco. Contact our office today to schedule your first consultation and begin the journey to the smile of your dreams.

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