Dental Checkups in San Francisco

Stay ahead of damage and decay with dental checkups in San Francisco at Pacific Heights Dental Studio.

While proper at-home care is vital to maintaining a healthy smile, getting regular dental checkups from our dentists is an essential step in caring for and preserving your teeth. With cutting-edge diagnostic technology, we can ensure any problems are spotted and taken care of at the first sign.

Why are dental checkups in San Francisco important?

While some patients have visible symptoms which indicate the above, not all do. Dental problems can be lurking below the gumline and in the tiny crevices of our teeth that, if left untreated, can result in more costly procedures.
That’s why it’s so important to have an expert dental checkup. Dental checkups are the key to stopping potential gum and tooth problems before they progress. They can:
  • Treat & prevent tooth decay
  • Spot & repair cracked or chipped teeth
  • Watch out for & reverse gum disease
  • Spot signs of oral cancer
  • Monitor overall oral health

What can I expect from dental checkups?

There are several parts to a good dental checkup. A primary step is simply gathering information from you.
This could include any pain or discomfort you’ve experienced, what medications you’re on, lifestyle factors that could affect oral health, and finding out your dental history. A visual examination will be done to assess the condition of your teeth. To make sure all parts of your mouth are examined, your dentist may use x-ray technology to get a deep look inside your mouth to spot any signs of hidden decay or disease. They will also use an instrument to check the size of your dental pockets.
This consists of a small probe to measure the pockets (don’t worry—it’s not painful) and note any changes. Once your dentist has completed their checkup and given you a detailed plan to take care of any issues that have turned up, our skilled hygienists will clean the buildup that can’t be removed at home, polish, and floss your teeth for a fresh, squeaky-clean smile. Contact our office today or use our online services to schedule your dental checkups in San Francisco at Pacific Heights Dental Studio.

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